Schöne Osterferien!

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Die Feiertage um Ostern sind meist ein guter Zeitpunkt um Familie und Freunde wieder zu sehen – die Kinder der 2b haben heute Texte über Familienmitglieder und Freunde geschrieben, die ihnen besonders am Herzen liegen. Ein kleiner Einblick in die Textarbeit in Englisch – schöne Osterferien!

There are lots of lovely people in my family, but my cousin is very special. Her name is Nicole. She lives in Tyrol and I see her twice a year. She is very smart and nice. She is a very happy person. She is a great cook. She listens to my problems. We have so much fun! We always talk. I really love her a lot!

My family is normal but my uncle is very nice. He‘s a brother from my mother. He lives in Unterrohrbach. In the last time I see him often. He is easy to talk to and always there for me. My uncle is a good listener and an optimistic person. We often talk about cars and other things.

There are lots of lovely people in my family, but there is one kid who is very special: It’s my brother Moritz. He is my younger brother. He lives in my bedroom. 🙁 I see him every day. We like playing Minecraft, Lego and board games. He is my best brother (I haven’t got a second brother). Together we have a lot of fun every day. Sometimes we don’t have the same opinion and then we have a brother fight, but this is brother love.

I met my friend Niki at primary school. We were in the same class and saw us often. We often played Kapla and football and we had Pokemon card matches. When we are together, we have fun. It’s a perfect day with Niki.

In my family are lots of lovely people. My special person is my great-grandmother. She lived in  Himberg that’s not far away. Back then I saw her often but last year she passed away. I was very sad. But when she was alive she was crazy, she sewed crazy things like a poncho. On my birthday she cut out pictures of the news paper and  put it on a poster. I miss her so much.

My special person is my best friend Fanni. She is really fun to be with and she always listens to me. She is my neighbour so we meet every day and play Mariokart or do other fun things.It´s funny,because we‘re both hungarian, neighbours and the same age (13)! We know eachother since 5 years I think… She was at our house in Hungary a couple times in summer and it was very fun. This year she’s coming too and I‘m very excited! We often go to the movies or just shopping. Fanni is a great friend and I can talk with her about everything.

There are lots of people in my family. One is special. My grandmother. She is my mother’s mother. She is a lovely and nice person. My grandmother sewed my costumes for carnival. I was a princess, Mini-Mouse, Tinkerbell… She is a good cook. I see her every day and often she cooks for us. She listens to all my problems. WE often play games together. Usually we go hinink in the forest. My grandmother is just great. I really love her a lot.

There are lots of lovely people in my family, but there is one person who is very special: It’s my Grandma. She is my mom’s mother. She is very helpful and calm and she lives in my town, so we see each other very often. We also go to a farm for a week in all holidays. She is a wonderful person. She can sew very well – when I have a hole in my T_shirt I can go to her. When I was a kid, we played many games. I can always call her and she listens to my problems. I really love her a lot.

There are lots of lovely people in my family, but there is one person who was very special: It was my great-grandpa Franz. He was my grandmother’s father. He was a very funny and active person. Sadly, he passed away last year, it was sad because we always played soccer in the garden and after that we watched soccer matches. His favourite team was Rapid Vienna, it is mine now, too. Because of him, we can go swimming in the pool because he built it. The saddest thing was not being able to say goodbye to him and that I saw my grandmother cry. Grandpa was just great. I really loved him a lot.

There are lots of people of my family, and I think it’s the greatest family on the earth. A special person is my brother. He is nice and he has finger food. It’s very nice. He’s my best friend and at the same time my brother. He lives in Krems in his flat and I see my brother two days in a month. He is a very, very nice brother. This week I was with him in the shopping centre. My bestie Armin❤️

I have a lot of friends but there is one person that is very special. Her name is Alice , she is my best friend. I can talk to her about everything. We go to see her favourite movie or my favourite movie. She lives in the same alley. I love her red hair, it’s so beautiful. We have the same hobbies. We love eating, riding a horse and playing games. She is older than me.